Hamburg Special Places: Xe Om

After coming back from our wonderful trip to Japan, it was time to catch up with some friends again. And since the weather turned quite cold in Germany while we were away, what better place to choose than a fine Vietnamese noodle soup restaurant: Xe Om! Hot and spicy pho soup ahead!

The first time I have heard (or rather seen) from the Xe Om was a post by one of my favorite Hamburg Instagrammer (laleleelulu) and seeing her beautiful picture of this place I instantly decided that I just have to pay a visit. Also, as I have mentioned previously, there are not many great Vietnamese restaurants in Hamburg.


So on one cold night I went with my boyfriend to meet a good friend of ours at the Xe Om, without having first reserved a table, but we got a table right away. I do think, though, that you should book a table before coming here, otherwise you might have to wait some time until a table clears up. We were simply lucky (as we were told) to be seated right away.

Don’t be turned off by the cheap looking interior of the Xe Om at first, the chairs are actually plastic chairs and the tables are cheap as well, which gives this place more of a street kitchen feeling. They are not uncomfortable, however. And the excellent menu makes up for it! They don’t offer a wide range of everything there, but they focus on the few dishes that they offer and these are simply delicious!

The back wall is full of pictures with people in Vietnam on their motorbikes, transporting all kinds of stuff, mattresses, baskets piled up so high, I don’t even know how they manage to look to the sides or even a family of 5 people on one motorbike! Actually, I have seen all of these in Vietnam as well, it is quite a common thing to transport this much on motorbikes! I know the German police would go nuts if they see anything like this in Germany! But I digress.


The Xe Om is not just a nice restaurant with great Vietnamese food, they also have a nice drinks menu. They have some very nice cocktails here, one even with edelweiss, quite an interesting taste. I especially loved the little sign that they put on your cocktail glasses, this is quite a cool touch! But they also offer homemade ice teas, for example, the ginger soda or something called the girls ice tea.


Of course, with the cold weather outside, I had to order a nice hot pho bo tai (noodle soup with beef). The noodles were perfect, not soggy and with a nice bite to them. The noodle soup was served with some extra chopped chili that you can put into your soup if you like some spiciness in it (I dumped all of it into my soup and it was great).

My boyfriend had some crispy noodles with beef and vegetables and I much regret not taking pictures of his meal, but he was faster than me and had already started eating. I will post a picture later after another visit! I mean, what with winter coming along already, I will need a nice place to warm up, right?


The Xe Om is a great place for a meeting with friends or family, it’s a lively place, with friendly and quick service and the prices are more than reasonable! If you’re looking for a nice meal before heading out for drinks into the Schanzenviertel, this is the perfect place!

If you are looking for other great places that I have visited in Hamburg, check out my Hamburg Special Places category! Or maybe you have some new recommendations for me? Let me know!


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