Hamburg Special Places: Wellingten

This year I missed my mom’s birthday because I was away on an exciting trip to Japan (of course I didn’t forget to congratulate her!). So once I was back in town, we decided to go out for a family dinner. I have two brothers and it’s never easy to get everyone together, especially since my younger brother lives in a different city, my older brother has to work abroad very often and I, well, I am all over places in general.

We decided to visit a restaurant that has been around in Hamburg for ages, but years ago it was refurnished, received a new name and of course new menus: the Wellingten. It used to be a steakhouse with kind of dark and gloomy rooms and it wasn’t very good, actually. Now it’s brighter, a lot fancier than I expected, with even a glasshouse, and although meat is still the main focus on the menu, they also offer other dishes as well, even burgers.

Hamburg Special Places: Wellingten

While the Wellingten offers beef from Uruguay, it also offers local meats, like Oldenburger dried age beef or Vierländer duck (all of it quite close to Hamburg). The portions are quite huge though, with the steaks ranging from 180 g to 300 g and they do not skimp on the sides either. The salads are quite big as well, so if you don’t feel like eating a steak, the Caesar salad is plenty enough for one person.

I had the lovely Oldenburger dried age entrecôte with carrots and roasted potatoes as sides. The Oldenburger entrecôte is offered as a 300 g steak and was a perfect medium rare, tender and juicy. I loved the carrots as a side because they gave the dish such a nice color (and of course they were delicious as well).

Usually I don’t order desserts after such a big meal (yes, I finished all 300 g of yummy steak all by myself!), but today I felt like having something sweet, so my mom and me ordered a Crème Brûlée with berries. It was quite excellent, I loved that it wasn’t too sweet but just sweet enough.

The Wellingten has become a much more elegant place, it’s no wonder that the service too is a lot better than when I visited years ago. Although it is quite a fancy place nowadays, I think that the prices are very average for the quality, meaning that you’ll get a very good price-perfomance ratio here. I admit that I was a little surprised by the average prices, I mean, the Block House is just the same price, almost the same quality but definitely not the same quality in atmosphere or service.

I loved my dinner at the Wellingten and I am glad that I was so pleasantly surprised by its appearance and performance now, I think I will visit more often in the future. Actually, when I showed my boyfriend the pictures that I took here, he was quite surprised because he also remembered the Wellingten as a rather below average steakhouse with gloomy rooms. So, if you’re looking for a great place for family dinners or a nice sunday date, I’d definitely recommend the Wellingten!

Have you been at the Wellingten before or maybe you can recommend other steak houses in Hamburg (except Block House)? Let me know in the comments!

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