Hamburg Special Places: Weinwirtschaft Kleines Jakob

In order to try out as many of the Schlemmer-Sommer menus in Hamburg as possible, this restaurant has long been on my list. I just haven’t managed to come here since the usual prices here would need a special occasion for me to come here. Luckily the restaurant participates in the program of Hamburg Kulinarisch, a program in which a list of famous and popular restaurants offer a 4-5 course menu for a set price.


Located at Elbchaussee and being affiliated with the hotel Louis C. Jakob, of course it is usually visited by more classy and upper class guests. Though the restaurant itself is decorated in a more bourgois style, a little bit country style. It gives off this very Hamburg special feeling of understatement, which can also be applied to the people as well. Another reason to love Hamburg!

The wine menu at Kleines Jakob is amazing, it is huge and even offers wine specialties that cannot be bought commercially anymore (as I have been told). One wall is completely covered by a wide selection of different wines.

The dishes here are prepared with vegetables and meat that has been grown locally. I would say that the dishes here as well are very down to earth, not fancy in the sense of using exotic foods etc. But it uses traditional foods, some of which were once considered poor people’s foods like Graupen, and puts together new and old dishes by using only the highest quality.

We started off with a fresh salad and sashimi from salmon and tuna, followed by a spring herbs soup with some fresh asparagus. I really liked the first two courses since they were quite refreshing and not laden with “fillers” (carbs) before the main course. Everything, especially the sashimi, tasted very fresh, and the portions were decorated in a lovely way as well. It was nice that these courses were not placed on plates that are too big, like in other high class restaurants, which always makes eating the dishes a little bit unsatisfying. As we Germans like to say: The eyes also eat! I feel that a small portion on a big plate is not (as probably intended by the chefs) artistic, but it seems haughty.


We had some lovely Pinot Grigio accompanying our courses, as expected the wines for the menu were very well selected. I was really looking forward to the main courses after the first two and I was not disappointed! The main course consisted of saddle of veal and braised veal cheek on fresh green peas and samolina pearls. It was a very simple dish but very well balanced, especially with the sauce underneath the vegetables, instead of drowning the meat and vegetables. Yummy!


A menu course like this in a place like this would never be completed without the dessert. I love how recently many restaurants in Hamburg have exchanged the desserts from ice cream to fruit sorbets, because they taste fresher and not as sugary. We had some cream with our delicious sorbet, decorated with fresh berries as well. A perfect ending for a perfect meal!

If you are considering trying out the Hamburg Kulinarisch program and want to try out a Schlemmer Menü in a high class and high quality restaurant, the Kleines Jakob restaurant is one of the first that I would recommend to you. If you don`t have a car it might get a little bit difficult getting there, but I think there should be a bus which stops close to the restaurant.

Have you been to Kleines Jakob before or tried another Schlemmer Menü in Hamburg? I would love to hear about your experiences!!

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