Two days in Hong Kong

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Some time back I spent two days in Hong Kong with my boyfriend and one of his good friends. We were on our way to Bali but had a stopover here first.

It was my first time in Hong Kong and at times I was a little bit surprised since it seemed to me that the people here are very paranoid about bacteria and sicknesses. There were signs and posts everywhere, especially in the subways, warning against bacteria and recommendations about keeping your hands clean etc.

I guess in a big metropolis such as Hong Kong it is indeed important to take precautions, otherwise you might catch something very fast. I’m one of those travelers though, who always have a small bottle of disinfectant with me. You never know.

Hong Kong has a huge range of good restaurants and bars, so I was very excited about trying out some recommendations that I got from friends. More about that here.


Since we were in Hong Kong just for a short time, we decided to only visit the main tourist spots (usually not cool with me, but we really did not have the time to do otherwise).

So, we first went off to the Peak Tower, located at the Peak Galleria, which is on Victoria Peak, a 552 m high hill in Hong Kong. To get up here you can take a tram, which was built in the 19th century. I love slowly getting up hills with trams and see the views unfolding the further you go.

The Peak Galleria offers a wonderful view over the city, especially on a sunny day. There are also a lot of restaurants and shops around, but since we came here right after breakfast, we didn’t get to try them out.


After the peak we went down with the tram again and this time took the subway to the Tsim Sha Tsui area to take a stroll and explore the restaurants and shops around here. We continued on to the Avenue of Stars, a promenade telling Hong Kong’s cinematic history through plaques, sometimes with the hand prints of famous actors, or statues.

The most famous one is a Bruce Lee statue, which was erected in 2005. Also one of the most popular picture taking motive around here, which I gathered from having to fight through a massive crowd to even get here.


We walked the entire avenue, starting from the famous Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower, a relic from the former Kowloon train station, until the end of the avenue where we decided to wait for the Symphony of Lights, a sound and light show, displayed on the other side of the harbor in Victoria Harbour.

The light show was very impressive, but I couldn’t take any good pictures, sorry! If you’re in Hong Kong you should go and and watch it though!

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  1. wanderstravel

    I love it. Maybe you can post a little something along the lines of the best places to eat in Honk Kong I would really love to know. I love the blog! keep it up.

    • sonderbarmii

      Thank you, actually I did list a few of the restaurants that we visited in this post. Too bad, we were only there for such a short time, I would love to visit again!

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