Hamburg Special Places: Ti Breizh

A couple of years ago, my older brother took me out to dinner to one of his favorite restaurants, that was (at that time) quite a special find and a secret tip in Hamburg: the Ti Breizh.

A little cozy restaurant, hidden away in one of Hamburg’s oldest and famous streets (but luckily not overly crowded like the Reeperbahn or the Hafencity), the Ti Breizh offers Breton dishes, especially focusing on the delicious galettes, hearty crêpes made from buckwheat. For people with a sweet tooth, they also offer sweet crêpes (made from regular wheat).


Once you go inside the restaurant, the first thing you’ll notice is the bright shop to the right, where they also sell striped shirts and other maritime themed merchandise. I was never interested in the shop though.


I love the country house interior of the Ti Breizh and especially that all the waiters are actually french and are all wearing the typical striped shirts, that you would imagine all French people wear. Also, the service is very good there, the waiters are all very friendly and helpful, quite easy to chat to.

The Ti Breizh nowadays is very popular and well visited, so you should reserve a table. It is especially popular in the summer, when you can sit outside on the terrace, with a magnificent view on the Nicolai canal (Nikolaifleet). It’s a perfect spot for a casual date on a warm Hamburg summer night. Which is very special, since we don’t have many of those. Warm summer nights, I mean.

Too bad, I was heading here at the end of October, so obviously the terrace wasn’t open. I will try to come back when it’s warmer though and take some pictures of the terrace, promise!


I had reserved a table for two, for my lovely friend Miss J. and me, since we had much catching up to do, after me being away and stuffing myself with amazing food in Japan. I’m glad I remembered to reserve a table, since the restaurant was fully booked that evening.

We started out with a bottle of Val de Rance, a lovely cidre, and took our time deciding on a galette. They have quite a wide range of various galettes and they are all delicious! In the end we ordered a Forestière for Miss J., topped with bacon, mushrooms in a cream sauce, onion chutney and swiss cheese. I had the Artichaude, which, as the name already implied, was topped with artichokes, air-cured ham, salad, goat cheese and walnuts.


The galettes were deliciously crispy and the toppings perfectly complemented each other, it was quite a feast. One galette comes at a price of between 7 and 10 €, so it’s also quite an affordable dinner.

The Ti Breizh is one of my favorite restaurants in Hamburg, it’s a great place for families, couples or friends to enjoy a hearty meal together. Its relaxed and casual atmosphere makes a visit even more enjoyable.

If you have any recommendations of places I should visit and review, let me know in the comments! To read more about my Hamburg Special Places, click here!

Ti Breizh – Haus der Bretagne, Deichstraße 39, contact: 040 37517815

opening hours: daily from 12 to 23 h, kitchen is open until about 22 h

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