Hamburg Special Places: The Coffee Shop

If you ‘ve been on a shopping spree in Hamburg and are now trying to rest your tired feet (and maybe boyfriend/husband etc.), I’d suggest to have a coffee at this place. It is located right over a Zara store in the Poststraße, right in the middle of one of the most luxurious shopping places in Hamburg.



I’ve been a customer here since it opened and it is one of the best places to have coffee in the city. Even after trying out other equally excellent coffee places, this one is still one of my favorites. The location is great, the views are wonderful as well, they have free wi-fi and the coffee is very good.



I always drink coffee black, without milk or sugar. This is because I want to taste the coffee itself, not milk or sugar. Especially no sugar, that’s really yucky in black coffee.

Nowadays it seems very hard to me to find a café or coffee shop that does not have loud club music playing inside. I find it very annoying because if I want to go to a club where I can’t hear anything else besides the beats, I’d just go to the Kiez. If I want to go to a café or coffee shop, I’ll go there because I want to read or have some coffee leisurely and in peace or because I am meeting there with a friend. What is the point of a café if I can’t even talk normally with a friend but instead have to shout? Not cool.


The Coffee Shop always has nice music playing, the last time I was there they had the Rat Pack in the background, which was awesome. Also the volume is always very pleasant, just right so the music can be heard but never too loud so you’d have to shout at your neighbor.

If you come here for a coffee, take a look at their international coffee varieties, grab a seat either at the high tables to the right corner from where you have an excellent view over the street and the canal or take one of the booths or sofas, I don’t know how you would describe the seats there. However, they are very comfy.



This place is actually perfect for a first date, especially if you work in the city of Hamburg. It is easy to meet here for an hour or two after work and there are lots of nice places around if you want to continue the date.


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