Sunny days in Valencia

It was a hot day in Valencia!

45° Celsius to be exact!

We decided to go to Valencia for a long weekend and since Thursday was a public holiday in Germany we packed our bags and flew off. Only we didn’t expect a 30° C difference! Luckily I was prepared and had packed enough sunscreen for both of us.

It was way too hot, even I suffered from the heat. I couldn’t walk for 10 min. without wanting to go into a building with air condition (and I usually avoid air conditions, I always end up with a cold).

After arriving in Valencia City we walked a few minutes toward our airbnb apartment but halfway there decided to have lunch in an air-conditioned restaurant. It takes some time to get used to this heat!

After checking in into our apartment at La plaza de la Reina we wanted to go for a stroll around town. But since the heat was simply unbearable, we decided to visit the botanical garden, hoping the shades would bring us some relief.

They didn’t.

The heat was so intense that even in the shadows of the trees we couldn’t escape from it. The garden itself was still interesting though. I dragged myself through the garden and into some of the greenhouses. Actually, these were a pretty good idea because due to the humidity in the greenhouses the heat was less intense and I could actually breathe again.

There is also a house called the shade house, Umbráculo, designed in 1897 to house plants from the tropical greenhouse during the summer months. It has a small fountain in the middle of the house, which is surrounded by palms and other tropical trees. We sat down, resting for a bit.


On our way through the garden we saw a lot of cats hiding in the shadows, trying to escape the heat as well. Poor kitties, I can only imagine how they must have suffered under their thick fur!

The cacti garden was incredibly beautiful, they were all in bloom and the flowers were stunning.

We booked an airbnb apartment for this trip as well, which turned out to be quite the lucky find due to its location. It was placed at the Plaza de la Reina, so it is very central and we could reach almost every sightseeing spot within minutes.


Very lucky indeed!

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