Visiting the Giants: Sequioa National Park

On our way to Yosemite National Park we dropped by at the Sequioa National Park on my bf’s request. He really likes sequoias and especially wanted to see the General Sherman tree, one of the biggest trees in the world.

Sequoias are some the oldest trees in the world, next to my favorite tree, the Gingko tree, which is actually a living fossil. But no gingkos here!

These trees are HUGE! It is so amazing to be able to see these silent Giants and wandering around them. We only came for General Sherman but ended up hiking about 3 hours around the forest to see as many sequoias as we can.

General Sherman

This tree is not only the largest tree by volume but it also belongs to the tallest and longest-lived trees in the world. The branches are as thick as a normal tree! There is one branch that fell down, which has a diameter of about 2 meters (7 ft) and a length of over 30 m (98 ft)! The size of it!


Just look how big the branch is! Amazing, right?

I greatly enjoyed walking around the Sequioa National Park and seeing all these huge trees, some of them scorched from being struck by lightning at some point. Some were complete burned out from the inside but the tree was still standing and even had healthy branches at the top.

I thought it very funny that the trees would receive names and titles. Apart from General Sherman, there was also The President and even an entire group of trees called The Senate.


If I felt like a teeny tiny thing when hiking in the Grand Canyon, I felt like a teeny tiny thing again next to these silent giants. A lot of these giant sequioas fell due to their own weight and so I put my boyfriend in front of one of these fallen trees, just for scale. Hehe, even he is tiny next to them.


Have you been to the Sequioa National Park before? I am so glad I could visit two national parks during our West coast road trip but I still want to visit so many! Which U.S. national park is on your bucket list?


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