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Inspired by the book and TV series from Sweden, this place recreates a nordic country feeling perfectly. Welcome to the Café Saltkråkan! I love the interior design, a simple yet romantic country style with the menu displayed on an old school board, fresh flowers on every table and an incredibly friendly owner.


I have been here before, when I still lived in Altona, but haven’t been since I moved to Eimsbüttel last year. It is a lovely place, the service has always been very attentive and friendly and always up for a nice little chat. It was still fairly new when I last visited but now has built a firm group of regulars it seems. While I was sitting there, sipping my coffee, a lot of people came inside, greeted warmly by the owner, chatted and had breakfast there.


It was already too late for breakfast (10 am) so I decided to have brunch there and chose the Tjorven menu. 4,90 Euros are not too much for a breakfast with 3 different types of bread, marmalade, honey and cheese. Plus 2,50 Euro for a coffee with one refill, not bad. Okay, maybe not the cheapest either, but the quality of the food was equal to the price so I don’t really mind.


They also offer a lot of Swedish cakes and tartes, try the Moomin cookies or the blueberry tartes, amazing! I could easily spend hours in this sweet little cafe!

So if you are anywhere around Altona, maybe shopping at the big Ikea store here, consider taking a little break at this place, sip some delicious coffee and have some cake!

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  1. CeecesTravel

    I love the brilliant colors.

    Its clean and fresh and en-lighting all at the same time.
    This is def somewhere I would pop into on my walks around the city, maybe even become a corner regular!

    Lovely! Great images too.

    • sonderbarmii

      Hi Cee and thank you! Yes, this is one of my favorites in this city, and a great place to hang out! Have you been to Hamburg?

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