Romantic eateries in Paris

I’ve noticed that eating in Paris can be quite expensive and it doesn’t even have to be that good either. If you walk around the main tourist spots, you can end up paying 5 € for one coffee! I’m sorry, but that is way too much for a filter coffee! There has been a recent trend in my hometown with new cafés and coffee shops which offer rare coffee beans and some even roast them themselves. In that case I get why I have to pay 5 € for a special coffee that has been hand-roasted. It also tastes a lot better than normal filter coffee that you buy in the supermarket. To sum it up, I don’t mind paying more if I get quality products. Which was not the case in most restaurants we visited during our short visit in Paris.

However we were quite lucky to find some places that actually had quite excellent food and it wasn’t even that pricey either. The first restaurant that comes to my mind is the Au clocher de montmartre.

We actually came here by accident because I first wanted to visit another restaurant at the bottom of Montmartre that I had looked up but it was so crowded and we would have had to wait for at least an hour to get a table. And I simply could not wait for an hour, since I was absolutely starved and my feet were hurting so badly (high-heels in Paris, stupid, I know!). The nice waitress there recommended us to another restaurant which belonged to the same owner and was located right next to the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur. So I hobbled up the stairs (which was extremely painful for me) to the restaurant, which was just as crowded and I did not really fancy the menu there. I was ready to give up and just go into a supermarket to eat anything when my boyfriend spotted this other restaurant right next to Sacré-Coeur and it was quite empty.

I instantly liked the interior of this restaurant, especially the huge painting they had on the left wall (it was a big painting, almost 2 m long, of the Avengers vs. Justice League; pretty cool, right?). The waiter was friendly, the atmosphere nice and the prices a surprise, mainly because I thought it would be a lot more expensive judging from the looks of this restaurant. We had some escargots (snails, yum!) and duck confit which was simply amazing. We also shared a bottle of wine and by the end of the night I was well-fed, quite a bit tipsy and very happy about finding such a nice place by accident.

Before writing about the next restaurant, I’ll let you know that I am not a gourmet at all, but I do love eating. Especially if you put chili on it. I love everything with chili. (Probably not the Napalm Wings at The Bird, Hamburg, though.)

Ok, so the other restaurant we visited that is worth mentioning is the L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Saint Germain, Paris. It is starred with one Michelin star and that was the reason why my boyfriend (who is more of a gourmet than I am) wanted to go there. The interior is nice, but there are no tables, every guest has to sit at the bar. Which is quite cool, because behind the bar there is an open kitchen and you can actually watch the cooks work their magic. The atmosphere was ok I guess, a bit haughty I thought. But then again, you can probably afford it, since it’s a restaurant by Joel Robuchon.


The food however was excellent, really creative design and mouthwateringly tasty. Basically what you should expect of such an expensive dinner I guess. So the L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon was quite worth the visit but after all, I think I’d go back to Au cloche du Montmartre when I’m back in Paris.


We visited other Michelin-starred restaurants in Japan and they were very different from the Joel Robuchon restaurant. First of all, they were not even close to the price range of Joel Robuchon. And then the food was just as amazing, maybe even better (depending on personal taste). I’ll tell you about the Japanese restaurants in a different post.

In the meantime, if you have any recommendations for restaurants in Paris, please leave a comment below! I’m all open for suggestions!

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  1. Mari

    I love your blog! <3

    The next time you come to Paris, I highly recommend you to go and eat at La Table Ronde in the marais area. They have no tables and a bar only so you have to book in advance. The food there is more than a dream……

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