Hamburg Special Places: Quan Do

A couple of years ago it was kinda hard to find a good and authentic Asian restaurant. I just had been in Vietnam for a couple weeks and was desperately craving a nice hot Pho bo (beef noodle soup) but couldn’t find a good Vietnamese restaurant at all in Hamburg. I had tried a few with a friend (who actually is Vietnamese) but we were both not satisfied. Just around that time, a new restaurant opened close to the main station: the Quan Do.

I instantly liked the place, it was painted in bright red from the outside, which is such an eye-catcher in Hamburg. The ceiling is decorated with paper lampions in different colors, which makes the entire room very colorful. They have low benches at wooden tables, which creates a more “street style” feeling.

This place has been very popular since the very beginning. A lot of people will meet here for dinner after work, tourists will flock here on a foursquare or tripadvisor recommendation or you’ll find some couples having a casual dinner date here (like me and my boyfriend!).


I usually order the Pho bo soup at the Quan Do, it is simply delicious. The meat is tender, the noodles fresh and the broth is simply great. Also, they have a chili garlic oil that you can just add to your soup if you fancy a little more spiciness (like I always do). The Pho soups always come with a piece of bread, that you can dunk in your soup, and a lemon to freshen up your soup. It’s quite a good price for the soup as well, just about 7,50 €. Not too pricey, not too cheap.

Quan Do in Hamburg

Mmh Pho bo…

If you spice up your soup too much, soothe your tongue with a sweet homemade honey ginger lemonade, it is simply delicious and it especially goes well with spicy food.

Usually just ordering the noodle soups at the Quan Do there is plenty enough for one person, but if you feel like you could eat a tad more, try the summer or spring rolls as an appetizer, these are amazing as well. They also have changing lunch menus, try them out, they are absolutely worth it and at 5,90 € pretty good for a lunch in the city center of Hamburg.

Quan Do in Hamburg

Don’t forget to check out the daily lunch menus!

The Quan Do also offers lots of dishes other than the Pho noodle soups, all of them street kitchen oriented. My favorites are the soups though. I remember when I worked in a café nearby, one day I had to leave work early because I had a terrible cold and felt more and more sick ever minute. Instead of going home, where I knew I didn’t have any healthy food stored, I decided to drop by the Quan Do, order a nice hot Pho noodle soup with chicken and put loads of the chili garlic oil into it.

After the first few spoonfuls I started sweating so much, my nose was finally freed, I could breathe again and chili really fired up my entire body. It felt amazing. I went home, filled with hot soup and sweaty, went straight to bed and the next morning the cold was entirely gone! So, if you’re sick the next time, you know what to do! EAT CHILI!

Just kidding. I digress. Anyway, have you been to Quan Do yet and did you like it? If you have other restaurant recommendations, let me know here in the comments or on facebook! I will more than happily check them out!

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Quan Do in Hamburg

Can’t miss this bright-red building when walking around in Hamburg!

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