A Perfect Day in Prague

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Prague is most definitely one of the most beautiful and romantic cities that I have ever been to. There are small parks everywhere, around Old Town, along the Vltava river, where you can just sit down, bask in the sun and just relax. I’ve noticed that the parks are visited by a lot of families, friends and of course couples.

In spring they can just visit Petrins Hill and have a picnic under the blooming trees (that must be so wonderful, I will try and come back in spring!). In summer they could just go to one of the beer gardens on Letna Hill and enjoy the views while having a few ciders or beers and watching the sunset from the top of the hill.

I love visiting Prague although I have only been there a couple times and only for a few days each visit. But every visit was absolutely wonderful, sometimes exciting, sometimes relaxing, but every time I was there I had a great time. I have found new cool places every time I was there, thanks to my friend who lives in Prague currently!


On my recent Prague trip, I spent the perfect day in Prague. We were 5 people and everyone was relaxed throughout the entire day, not even one stressful situation occurred and we had a lot of fun. But we have all been to Prague before, so we did not feel pressured to visit any sightseeing spots and we tried to avoid the touristy places as much as we could.

If you have been to Prague before or would like to put a relaxing day between your sightseeing schedules, try my recommendations for a perfect day in Prague!


1. Breakfast/Brunch


If you are looking for a great breakfast or brunch place after a restful night, go to the Globe Café. It is actually Prague’s biggest English language bookstore that also includes a café with a great brunch menu on the weekends. You can also sit in the little backyard and enjoy your brunch outside. The waiters are quite friendly and will help out with their own recommendations of the menu.

The portions are quite big in my opinion, so if you want to have brunch and then some dessert (which you should!), consider sharing the brunch and then order some pancakes or waffles! We had the blueberry pancakes and they were so delicious!


2. Time to relax outside!

View from the top of the stairs at Letná Hill

Walk through the Old Town, avoiding the tourist crowds and beware of the pickpockets, and make your way to Letná Hill. Don’t let the stairs intimidate you, it doesn’t take long to get to the top! Maybe five minutes at most. When you’ve reached the top, turn around and take in the wonderful view from here.
When you’ve finished soaking in the view, turn right (from the stairs) and take a stroll across the park. After about 10 minutes you should reach the end of the park and arrive at the beer garden. There is a kiosk to the left and behind it a beautiful old building that seems to be a restaurant now. There is also a small pavillon in  the middle of the beer garden.

Go grab a beer or a refreshing cider (for those who don’t like beer, like me), take a seat and enjoy your view over Old Town and the river! I loved hanging out here, we spent hours just sitting here and talking and drinking, it is a very chill place.

You can also get some lunch here at the kiosk. They don’t have much, some grilled chicken, French fries or mozzarella fries, and so on. Easy greasy food for a relaxed afternoon. Or take your own food there!

If you like, you could get up here in the late afternoon and watch the sun set over beautiful Prague!


3. Coffee break

Café Café

I’m the kind of person who just has to have a coffee break when I’m in another city or country! If you feel like having a coffee and some yummy cakes after relaxing in the beer garden, make your way down the Letná Hill and to Old Town again. Don’t let the tourist masses disturb you and directly go to Cafe Cafe, the number one on foursquare for cakes (which I have only found out afterwards, lucky me!).

Although Prague has many cukrárna with very good cakes, this one will surely top them! The waiters will talk in English or German as well, so no need to be shy in ordering your cakes. The prices were surprisingly low, I did not expect that judging from the interior design of the cafe I would have thought that this place would be a lot pricier.

The coffee is good but it is made from nespresso capsules, so not really a specialty. They also have WLAN, so it’s easy to hang out here for a while and enjoy your coffee and the delicious cakes (yes, plural, gotta try them all!).


4. Dinner time!


A favorite of mine which I cannot, under any circumstances, miss when I’m in Prague: The Dish Bistro. They have the best burgers!

It is not a cheap place, for Prague standards, and there is no set menu, which means you have to order your fries separately to your burger. But oh the fries! Get the Bistro fries with garlic and parsley!

They have changed the burgers since the last time I was there, but they still have the Dish burger and the Savory burger. Both are favorites with my friends who live there.

The first time I came here I was a but surprised because they even have fritz kola, a special coke from my hometown Hamburg. Pretty cool, the only other place that I’ve had it outside of Germany was in London at Herman ze German (yes I spelled this correctly).

This is a great place, for a date or a group of friends, it’s a really cool place with exceedingly good food! But you should reserve a table in advance, it will get difficult to get a table in the evening without a reservation.


5. The best cocktails in town!


My friend introduced me to this place which is quite the find actually! This cocktail bar named Parlour bar is quite hidden in a side street and you would probably just walk past the entrance since it doesn’t look anything special at all. But don’t let it fool you!!

This place is something very special. They don’t have a set menu and you can’t just place an order for a Moscow Mule. Instead they will ask you to tell them the kind of taste you would like your cocktail to be and if you prefer a special kind of alcohol with it (my tip: don’t take vodka).

For example, I told them I would like something fresh but not fruity or juicy (I don’t really like juices) and left the choice of alcohol to the barkeeper. As a result I got this!


I won’t get into details of what he actually mixed for my cocktail, because I don’t know if they would like me to do that, but let me tell you, that was a very special and funky cocktail! It was served in this tiny China cup with a thermos flask. At first I thought ‘Is he giving me a warm drink?’ But then I realized that the flask was just for looks, to complete the feeling of drinking tea. Great idea! I’m not a huge cocktail fan myself, they are usually too sugary, but this has got to be the best cocktail I’ve ever had! So delicious! And very refreshing as well!

I also love how much love they poured into the interior design and the entire setup of the bar. The furniture was quite old but well kept, not shabby-chic but actually well kept. They had these old glass cabinets everywhere, showcasing antique glasses or old books. In one corner they also had an old bookcase with a lot of modern books, they even had some Terry Pratchett books there. I was quite surprised!

Your cocktails will be served in very old glasses, the barkeepers know where every glass came from and how old they exactly are. One of the glasses we had was from the owners (at least he seemed like the owner to me) grandmother!

This place is perfect for enjoying the end of a perfect day!

What would your perfect day in Prague (or any other town!) look like? I’d love to hear about it, let me know in the comments section!


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