Must-know eateries in Berlin

So I’ve been to Berlin a couple times and every time I try to find a new restaurant and try out different kinds of food.

These two places I have found through recommendations of friends. They used to be a well-kept secret for foodies like me, but I think they have gotten a lot more popular, especially since foursquare and yelp.

If you are around Kreuzberg (or X-Berg) somewhere, try to locate the Bergmannstrasse. There is a restaurant and delicatessen shop called Knofi, which also offers catering. The restaurant is divided into two locations actually, a bigger one with some seating (outside as well) and another, smaller, one, with only a few seats.

The smaller place focuses more on selling the delicatessen and originally was a Turkish supermarket until the daughter of the owner turned it into a delicatessen shop (well done).

And because they were so popular, they have opened another location, also called the bakery, right across the street. The bakery is more of a restaurant and bistro than a bakery and I’d recommend stopping here for a healthy lunch, sit outside and watch the Berliners walking by.

A special recommendation (although I don’t have pictures) are the soups here. Very, very good and hearty. The menu is diverse but of course focuses on Turkish foods (delicious!). They have everything from starters to main dishes and desserts.


I haven’t been to the next place in a while but I have been told that it still exists and is still hugely popular. I’m talking about Mustafas Gemüse Kebap, a food truck serving kebabs before food trucks were cool in Germany. They are famous for their vegetarian kebabs, but try out their chicken kebabs as well, they are amazing!

Avoid coming here during lunch time though because there will be a long line of people standing here trying to get a kebab. I once drove past in a car and saw a line at least 20 m long and I’ve heard from people who were standing in line for 40 min at least before they were able to get a kebab.

Yes, it is that popular. Also, I’m not that big of a kebab fan but this one is really delicious!


Do you know of other hidden gems in Berlin? Let me know below in the comments, I would love to try them out!

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