Visiting the Market and Cathedral in Valencia

After biking around in Valencia the previous day, we went to the Mercat Central to get our breakfast. I love visiting local markets in other countries, it is always so different and lively. And I love to see all the different specialties that every town has, it’s so interesting.

The Mercat Central is quite big, one of the biggest in Europe actually, and it was built in the 1920s. You can still see the typical modernist elements in the building. I’ve read somewhere that it is also one of the oldest markets in Europe. Anyhow, the building is quite beautiful.

Mercat Central Valencia

We enjoyed strolling around and looking at all the specialties they had to offer, although some market vendors did not like it if the tourists took pictures but didn’t buy anything. Well, we did buy quite a lot for our breakfast and some snack souvenirs for home.


Mercat Central Valencia

We saved the Cathedral of Valencia for later because we didn’t want to waste all the sunshine and good weather somewhere indoors. However, we couldn’t leave Valencia without being to the Cathedral, famous for its many different architectural elements, ranging from Romanesque to Neo-Classical, even including some Arabian mosque elements.

Valencia Cathedral

One of the chapels holds the supposed Holy Grail chalice, with scientists all over the world claiming this chalice to be the true one, the one that Jesus used at the Last Supper.

We took an audio guide tour through the cathedral, which was pretty interesting, although I have to admit that many of the paintings we saw there depicted very cruel and bloody scenes. Not so much my style.

We also saw the Holy Grail, but there was a mass or ceremony going on at that moment, so we didn’t want to intrude by taking pictures.

Leaving Valencia


We had lunch at a very nice and cozy place called eTapas, located in the street Carrer de Sant Vicent Martír. We had been here two nights before as well, when in search for a good dinner place, this one was the only one already open at 8 pm. I also had forgotten that the Spanish people eat dinner quite late.

This restaurant was such a good find! It must be fairly new because I couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet, not on foursquare or tripadvisor.

It is very good though, the waiter was, despite not speaking any English, very helpful and friendly, very attentive as well. We communicated in a classical way… with hands and feet, and it worked perfectly.

The foods was great, I loved the little fried puntillas (baby-squids), the tapas in general were very good. I could have easily eaten here all three days. They also have a 15 € lunch menu, with appetizer, main dish, dessert and beverage included.

We had a nice spot right at the entrance of the restaurant, eating our tapas and Valencian paella slowly while I was finishing my book and my boyfriend his newspapers. Finally, we made our way back to the airport and back to cold Hamburg.

What a fantastic weekend!

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