Hamburg Special Places: Maker Hub

Left work early a couple weeks ago, since there was nothing going on and it was way too hot in the office to keep on working. Luckily for me, my colleague was absolutely ok with taking my phone calls etc. I rushed out just to find that I had no idea where to go or what to do.

I vaguely decided to go to Altona, maybe get some candles at IKEA and then see where I would drift to. Just on the way, my boyfriend texted me, suggesting I could go to Maker Hub, a lovely café and networking space for start ups, programmers or other IT nerds 😉

So I dropped by after getting my candles, of course. I haven’t been here in a long time, I think that the last time I visited, I still lived in Altona (so it’s over a year ago). The place hasn’t changed much, the interior design still the same stylish mix of country and industrial. But it has gotten a lot more customers now. Before I moved away from Altona, it had just opened for 6 months or so, and did not get too many customers during the day.


But the café is actually linked to the Protonet offices, a successful Hamburg start up. So after a while, more and more people interested in the Protonet products or just looking for a cool place for networking, visited the Maker Hub. The owner herself is quite active on social media as well, they sometimes have a flea market here (Mädchenflohmarkt), exhibitions, events (especially with Protonet, of course).


The also have extended their menus quite a bit, besides cakes or light dishes, like salads or wraps, they also offer lunch and daily specials now as welll. They even offer gluten free food as well as vegan food. I haven´t (yet) tried the lunch menu, but the cakes are fantastic. Try the lemon cake, it’s so juicy and sooooo good!! I forgot to take a picture of the cake though, it was so delicious, I ate it up in one go! And I felt a little too greedy and embarassed to order another one.


The service here is very friendly and attentive as well. Apparently you can rent the Maker Hub for your own event, they offer equipment for presentations, catering, and of course, the space. But even besides being a major place for creatives, programmers, makers etc. it seems to me, that a lot of other people love visiting this place as well. People who just want to have a nice cup of coffee with excellent cake, for example.


If you’re hanging around in Altona and you’re looking for a nice quiet place to have coffee, drop by the Maker Hub! If you have been here already, what did you think of this place? Let me know below in the comments!

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