One sunny day in Los Angeles

After hiking in the Grand Canyon and before leaving Las Vegas, we took our breakfast at the Peppermill Restaurant.

This place seems so popular, especially on foursquare, so we went there for our last breakfast in Las Vegas. It’s open 24-7 and you can tell by the people eating there! Some looked as if they have just gotten up and were eating breakfast, while others seemed like they just came from gambling and/or partying somewhere and enjoying one last drink before heading for their beds. So much fun.

This place looked like I would imagine a typical American diner, with waitresses (with very short skirts but shorts underneath) always ready to refill your coffee and calling every customer “Honey”. And they had HUGE meal sizes. Up till now, every meal we had was a (at least for me) humongous size, but the Peppermill breakfast topped everything. Luckily, I had already read on foursquare that the meal sizes are very big, so I wanted to share my breakfast with my boyfriend. And boy, was I happy, that I did! I couldn’t even have finished half of that!

But it was tasty, and that’s what counts, right? The waitress was really nice as well, so all in all, I liked that place.

Oh, and they had funky colored sugar. It really was sugar, I tried it.


We stopped at the Primm Center en route to Los Angeles, to take a short rest and do some shopping. Since we were going to be busy looking at all the sights around us and going for hikes etc we decided to get some shopping done first. It was nice to move around a bit because you get very stiff, sitting in a car for hours every day… And shopping is always fun, right?

First… Margaritas!

We arrived pretty late and after getting to our airbnb apartment, we went to this really cute Mexican restaurant (another foursquare recommendation) named Fiesta Martin Mexican Grill.

Cozy and lively, free wifi and most importantly homemade tortillas and guacamole. So tasty, I could just have eaten the tortillas and would have already been happy. But we all ordered margaritas (my first time actually) and each a meal. I forgot what I ordered, but my boyfriend had a very hot meal, he couldn’t even eat it, so we had to exchange our plates. It was delicious by the way!

Spending only one day in Los Angeles it was a little bit difficult to pick out what we wanted to see, since time was too short to see everything we wanted.

Visiting the Walt Disney Concert Hall

We started off with the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Usually I would associate anything from Walt Disney with a fairy tale like image, very flowery, a little bit old fashioned, a lot of embellishments and decorations etc. I was very surprised to see this very futuristic building, all modern and clean lines, but somehow lively through the wavy curves and lines. It was a little bit as if someone had tried to build the very image of wind or waves at the beach.

Tucked in the little patios of the Concert Hall were many flowers, bushes and trees, a little bit surprising for a building, that seems like a cold modern structure from further away. But you get the impression of a tiny oasis in the middle of a hectic city, where you can take a relaxed lunch break in the sunshine and surrounded by lush greenery.

Science, baby!

After visiting the Walt Disney Concert Hall we drove up to the Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory. We parked about 10 min. walk away further down the hill and walked up the rest to the observatory. It felt so nice walking up and feeling the breeze while enjoying the view over Los Angeles and sometimes catch a small glimpse of the famous Hollywood sign.


Once we arrived at the top we had an impressive view all over Los Angeles and the Hollywood hills. The plaza in front of the observatory is beautiful and seems just like an ordinary plaza, as long as you don’t look at the paths. Because on every path around the observatory you could see symbols of the planets in our solar system and their orbit around the observatory as the sun.

We enjoyed walking around the observatory and sitting in the sun, resting from the big city. Until we got inside!


The first thing you see when entering the observatory is a group of people surrounding something in the middle of the room. So of course you go there and try to find out what is so interesting there, right?

After I’ve pushed my way through, I finally got to see what it was, that seemed to fascinate everyone: a pendulum. Originally, it is a device built by French physicist Léon Foucault to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth. I’ve heard that many museums and observatories display a Foucault pendulum.

After examining the other rooms on the ground level, I went downstairs to see what was displayed there. Once you got down, you are standing in this dimly lit corridor called Cosmic Connection, with displays on the left and underneath them a long board with different kinds of jewelry pinned on it. At first I wondered why they had jewelry pinned there, until I read on the displays that they are supposed to depict the creation of our universe. The entire corridor is designed to show a timeline of the creation of our universe, the earth and life on earth. Very interesting!

After the Cosmic Connection, I wandered into a big hall where the solar system with all its planets were displayed, as well as a few other interesting facts and installations. I really liked being there and would have loved to stay longer, but I didn’t tell anyone where I was going (I just kinda wandered off) and had already been away for some time, so I went back upstairs.

The Walk of Fame

After visiting the Griffith Observatory, our last sight for the day was the Walk of Fame. Walking down the walk of fame was a lot more unspectacular as I’ve imagined it. First of all, it was way longer than I’d expected and secondly, really boring. Once you get to the part that always appears on TV or movies, with all the famous buildings etc. it gets so crowded with tourists, it’s really not fun to go there and I can’t recommend it to anyone.


We stayed there only long enough to take some pictures and headed straight back to the car to drive down to Santa Monica Beach. And the crowds there! It was so full with tourists, we didn’t even want to get out to see the pier and instead drove further down to take some pictures of the beach. Since it was so cold, this trip also was kept short.


All in all I have to say that I was not much impressed by LA, except for the Griffith Observatory!


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