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If you are looking for a restaurant that is a little bit fancier but easy-going on the wallet and has amazing food, you should definitely give the L’Orient a try! It is perfect for a dinner date, fancy but still casual. The waiters are very attentive and easy to talk to and more than willing to help you decide on your dinner (or lunch). They have a pretty good lunch menu here as well.


Every menu comes with some bread paired with olive oil and spices. You can dip your bread into first the olive oil, then the spices or just put salt on the bread, if the spices are too much for you.


Up next you will be served the famous mazza, a type of appetizers which are all vegetarian. Just ordering a set of mazzas with the bread is enough for a dinner, since it is all delicious and quite a portion. Consider just getting the mazza if you are not too hungry.

mazza l'orient
If you are here for a fancy dinner date and have chosen a menu, maybe you should skip the bread. Leave some room for the main dish, you will not regret it.

I have been told that the owner used to work in a Hamburg restaurant called Mazza (like the little dishes) and decided to open up his own restaurant. I have been to both, L’Orient and Mazza, and there is quite a difference in quality of the food as well as the interior and the service. Of course, the original, Mazza, is also a little bit pricier than L’Orient, the food and the wine there is absolutely worth it though. If you want to really impress your date, choose the Mazza restaurant.
If you are looking for a more casual place, take your date to L’Orient and enjoy your mazza there!

Have you been at Mazza or L’Orient before? What did you like or dislike? Tell me about your experiences here!

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