Hamburg Special Places: Le Ciel Restaurant et Bar

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High above the rooftops of Hamburg and with a spectacular view over the Alster lake in the middle of the city. This restaurant is located in one of the most prestigious hotels in Hamburg, side-by-side to other equally traditional and famous hotels.

The restaurant participates in a program called Hamburg Kulinarisch, in which popular and highly regarded restaurants offer a 4 to 5 courses menu for a reasonable price for two people. It is perfect for a date (although maybe not a first date).

I don’t know whether I liked the interior design or not. It had something dusty to it, like it was modern and fashionable in the 90s but since then not much has been changed inside. The bar right next to the restaurant had a much more eye-catching design, with red armchairs facing the big window.

The menu was great, with a good wine selection, and as mentioned before the view was spectacular! You can’t sit outside, which was just as well, since the weather wasn’t that nice when we were there.


I chose a Primitivo to our four course menu, which was very well suited with the courses. We started out with fish (pike perch) and soup before coming to the main dish, lamb noisettes and finishing the menu off with a Latte Macchiato opera, some very very sweet Amarena cherries and a melon sorbet.



The sorbet had some kind of cotton candy draped on top of it, but it was a lot harder to chew than normal cotton candy. It reminded me of Gulali, which is Indonesian cotton candy, but a little bit firmer than the ones that you get in Europe.


One thing that I definitely did not like was that the waiters took too long between the courses. Waiting for more than 30 minutes for the next course was way too long, I got hungry again before the next course and in the end left the restaurant not feeling satisfied at all.

At least we got to see a magnificent sunset from up here!


Has anyone else tried out the restaurants participating in the Hamburg kulinarisch program?

Have a nice week everyone!

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