Last Day in San Francisco

For our last day in San Francisco we decided to climb up the Twin peaks, previously called Breasts of the MaidenĀ in Spanish by the way, to enjoy a spectacular view over San Francisco. There are not really trails around here to get up to the peaks, except on the peaks themselves. I guess it would have been easier to come here by car, since there were parking lots up there but no pedestrian walkway.

While on one of the peaks we could see the fog creeping in over the city, which was a really cool sight. It felt a little bit like being in a horror movie, except that we were standing there in sunshine.

fog in San Francisco

The fog creeping into San Francisco

Visiting the Painted Ladies and going shopping

After getting off the peaks we took a cable car to Alamo Square because I wanted to see the painted ladies (in case you’re wondering, the painted ladies are Victorian row-houses which are painted in multiple colors, thus the name).

I was a little bit disappointed, somehow I had imagined there would be a lot more of them around, in more vibrant colors as well. Still it’s good to be able to say “I was there!”.
We went for a little shopping tour around Union Square, mostly because I knew there was a Uniqlo store around and I simply love this brand.

painted ladies at Alamo Square

The painted ladies at Alamo Square

At Market Street there was a big marketing event from the cosmetics brand MAC, offering women to put make up on them and make them prettier. But even more interesting than that was the guy who stood in front of them, holding up a sign saying

“You’re beautiful without it! It’s your personality that make-up can’t fix. That’s all on you.”


We strolled around a little bit, had a coffee at Starbuck’s and before going home, got lost in a huge mall somewhere on Market Street (seriously though, I only wanted to use the restroom but when I came out I ended up being in a different mall!).

Good bye, San Francisco!

We had packed up everything and cleaned the apartment the night before. We really enjoyed staying at Garland’s apartment, he was always so nice and helpful and he even drove us all the way to the airport. Which was especially nice because it would have been quite difficult to get into public transport with all the luggage.

The first flight to Germany was completely booked, so we couldn’t get on. Luckily I bought myself a new book at the airport (The Valley of AmazementĀ – by Amy Tan), so I could spend another six hours just reading. I finished about half the book when we finally boarded and completely finished it before we even landed in Hamburg! It was quite a good book.

We had such a pleasant trip in the U.S. and I’m looking forward to going back there (hopefully next year!). The trip was filled with good food, hikes and long walks, exciting sightseeing spots and lovely people all around us. Just as a vacation trip should be.


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  1. Luda

    omg, that guy’s poster šŸ˜‚ It was really nice to read your posts about San Francisco, please visit again anytime! Looking forward to reading about new adventures soon šŸ™‚

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