Daytrip to Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon

The drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon National Park was quite uneventful so we decided to take a little detour to the Hoover Dam on our way there.

We stopped there for almost an hour just gazing at the serene beauty of the river and the dam. Did you know that the Hoover Dam, formerly also known as the Boulder Dam, was the largest concrete structure when it was finished in 1936? Very impressive.

Taking pictures on a clear and sunny day rewards you with such beautiful and crisp pictures, you would never feel the need to “enhance” it with any silly filters.

Driving to the Grand Canyon National Park, I have to say it, was probably the most boring drive I’ve ever had! That road just goes endlessly on and on and… But as soon as the scenery starts changing, more trees are lining up at the sides of the roads and I got really excited about being at the Grand Canyon soon.

Finally… the Grand Canyon!

And really, that scenery leaves you speechless! You may have seen it from TV or pictures or magazines, but the reality is far more beautiful. Standing there and realizing the beauty and power of nature, I was completely overwhelmed.


After a short rest and snacks we were finally ready to go on the Bright Angels Trail for our first hike in the U.S.!

Since we arrived pretty late at the hiking trail we decided to only go for half the trail and then climb our way back up, so as not to have to climb in darkness. We started our way down the Bright Angel Trail, all the while admiring the view and stopping every few turns to take pictures.

Hiking down, the view was still breathtaking, but the trail quite dusty and steep. Luckily, most of the trail had steps built in, which makes climbing down a lot easier.

Ok, so I did not imagine that climbing downhill could be this exhausting. Really, really exhausting.

After arriving at the 1 mile and a half resthouse, we decided to take a longer break, rest for a bit, then climb up again, since the sun was already setting.

While enjoying the last rays of sunshine, a strong wind came up the canyon and created such a dusty cloud on the trail, It made me quite happy to be resting somewhere else and watching the dusty spectacle from a safe distance.

Since the sun was already setting, we decided to give up on the rest of the trail and head back to our car. That meant climbing the steps up again and I already had problems getting down with my short legs!

Our hike wasn’t very long but being here and seeing this scenery were completely worth the long drive and the short stay. I wish we could have stayed longer though. Maybe I’ll return to the Grand Canyon one day and then I will stay here for at least a few days.

IMG_9774.JPG IMG_9793.JPG

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