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In my almost 31 years I have always been occupied with something that I simply have to do or that I was passionate about. School, University, job training. There was always some kind of goal that I wanted to achieve. Since starting my job however, I feel like I am lacking something. Some kind of direction, some kind of goal, something that keeps me occupied. Of course, there is always something new to learn, whether at work or in life, and I’m always open to learning something new, that I or my surroundings can benefit from. And I have always had numerous hobbies. But I feel like I want to do more.Right now, I have a nice and steady job, lots of friends, a loving family and boyfriend, altogether a more than nice life I would say. I am able to travel a lot, experience new cultures, see beautiful landscapes, taste exquisite food and I want to share. Sometimes it is not enough to just tell one or two friends, sometimes you want to reach more people, tell everyone how nice the waiter was at the little caf√© you just discovered in a little corner in Paris or how amazing that paella was in the new tapas bar in Valencia, so new it doesn’t even have a Facebook page yet.

That was when I thought: Hey, why not start a blog about your travels, the places you’ve been and seen and everything in between? I rely heavily on online reviews about places I want to visit, why not share all the good experiences I’ve made during my travels?

I am not an experienced writer, actually I have never written for the public before. But I think it would be fun to share. So here it goes…

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