Hello Las Vegas!

First thing I’ve noticed in Las Vegas: there are slot machines everywhere! At the airport, in the convenience store… I was surprised not to see a slot machine in the restrooms! Since we arrived pretty late at night we only went out to find some dinner and then went straight back to our rooms at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort to sleep.

Time for some hipster breakfast!

We found the Makers & Finders Coffee through the foursquare app and decided to have breakfast here, since it was hugely popular on foursquare and all the reviews sounded so amazing.

The place is quite spacious and open, it has really good coffee and the breakfast was simply delicious! But very pricey I thought. Well, it’s Vegas. I’ve noticed that this place seems quite popular with the Vegas hipster crowd, all beards and tattoos and cool people in general. I felt like I was back at home in a bar at Sternschanze.

Makers and Finders Coffee

Visiting a theme park… in a casino?

We decided to go strolling down the Strip and pop into a few casinos (just to have a look, of course), the first one of them being the Circus Circus.

Crazy, they’ve put a flying trapeze show and a merry-go-round inside a casino and built an amusement park next to the mall… Quite interesting to see, although we had to leave after just about an hour being inside this huge complex. It’s just too noisy in there!


Springtime in Las Vegas

We strolled further the Las Vegas Blvd. and went into the Wynn Esplanade (mostly just because it was a lot cooler inside than on the street). But we found these really cool art installations. The first was a Jeff Koons sculpture of Popeye, bought by Steve Wynn himself for $ 28 million.


Jeff Koons Popeye

The second art installation was a merry-go-round made of flowers. Impressive! Created by Preston Bailey, a wedding planner and event designer. I really loved his floral installations inside the building, so refreshing and beautiful. I was especially impressed by the pathway with the flower bubbles floating in the air, right next to the casino part of the building. What a contrast!


Preston Bailey


Further down the strip, we stumbled upon Venice (at the Venetian, duh!)! Which was quite wonderful, because we were planning to go to the real Venice this year as well (but plans have changed again). Anyway, it is such a stunningly beautiful and sunny place, I wouldn’t have minded staying there an entire day. I mean, there was a steakhouse, a café and ice cream parlor all around the plaza… my needs would have been taken care of perfectly.


Venetian Las Vegas


Random fact: Did you know, that in 2007 another hotel was built between Wynn and The Venetian by the same owner? It is called The Palazzo and together with The Venetian it has 7.128 rooms, which makes them the biggest hotel complex in the world.

We continued walking and passed the Caesars Palace but did not go inside. Maybe next time. We did take pictures of the Caesar and Nike of Samothrace sculptures in front though!

IMG_9603.JPG IMG_9605.JPG

Springtime in Japan … or Bellagio’s!

Walking into the Bellagio we were surprised to find ourselves in springlike Japan!

The Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens were displaying a japanese-inspired garden with thousands of fresh flowers and art installation celebrating japanese culture by sculptor Masatoshi Izumi. This reminded me a lot of my exchange year in Japan and the way the japanese celebrate all four seasons but especially spring season. It was breathtakingly beautiful and we enjoyed walking around the conservatory and listening to the harpist playing in the middle of one the japanese gardens. You could find a turtle and a crane made of flowers and stone, two of japanese most well-known cultural icons.



floating Japanese umbrellas

We finished exploring Las Vegas with a sweet cocktail from Squeeze Fresh Cocktails and later a delicious burger from Umami Burger! If there is one in your city or wherever you are right now, you should check this place out! There are TV’s everywhere showing all kinds of sports, football, soccer, ice hockey, etc. and the food is amazing. Very casual atmosphere and I preferred it a lot more than our hipster breakfast place.

umami burger

Umami burger!


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