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I don’t think that there are many good Asian restaurants in Hamburg at all. Most of them are an awful mix of Chinese (something with duck), Indonesian (Fried Noodles, Mie Goreng, Nasi Goreng), Japanese (sushi, of course!) and Thai (Tom Kha Gai) foods, usually run by someone who clearly doesn’t care about the taste of their own food. Ugh! I don’t know why it is so hard to find a good Asian restaurant in Hamburg, when they have so many in Berlin!

So, since the lack of good Asian foods in Hamburg made me very attentive to any restaurant that gets a good recommendation (from a friend, foursquare, instagram (great way to find new places!) or another blog, like this one), I’m very set on trying out any new place that I hear from.


This place was a recommendation of two friends of mine, both Korean and half-Korean who mentioned this place when I asked for a good Korean restaurant in Hamburg. So one Saturday I made my boyfriend take me out on a dinner date to the Han Mi.

The restaurant is not located in a popular spot in the city of Hamburg, but rather a bit hidden away, so it’s quite impossible to stumble upon it by accident. You’d have to research beforehand to know where it is to find it! But it is right next to the Peking Enten Haus (I will write about this one soon!), so it wasn’t too difficult for us to find. Actually the restaurant is right next to the University quarter (Grindelviertel) but still, I think that the location is not very convenient for most people.

However, the Han Mi has such good recommendations and reviews, that many people know about this place and come here especially for the Korean BBQ (just like me!). The restaurant doesn’t look like much from the outside, with just one modest sign above the entry door. The inside doesn’t look like much either, actually, when enter through the door, the first thing you’ll see is this big hall. It doesn’t look very comfy or welcoming.


The waitresses though are very nice and sweet and although they might not be very fluent in German, they will do their best to serve you. We ordered the Ssam Bap BBQ, beef and pork slices that will be put onto the grill. This dish is served with a few sides like Kimchi, spinach, carrots and cucumber salad. If you haven’t tried out Korean BBQ before, ask the waitresses here, they will help you out.

The way I learned to do it (in Koreatown Shin-Okubo in Tokyo actually) is, you take a salad (mostly lettuce) leaf into your hand, put a slice of meat into the leaf, a garlic slice that was grilled as well (yum!), some of the side dishes that you fancy and then the red bbq sauce (does anyone know what this sauce is called?), wrap the leaf up and bite into it! YUMMY!


Actually, we had ordered other appetizers as well, you can find it as 9 appetizers on the menu. You’ll get these pastries (white and green in the middle of the big plate) and put any or all of the sides into these pastries, along with some fried meat, roll it all up and take a hearty bite! Loved this as well, but we didn’t know the portions were so big! We would have been fine with just the BBQ I think, but hey, didn’t want it to go to waste, so we completely stuffed ourselves!


It’s a good thing we came there by bike so afterwards I suggested we could ride to the park Planten un Blomen, which is just one minute away by bike. We parked our bikes there and then took a stroll through the blooming gardens. The Planten un Blomen is one of my favorite parks in Hamburg. When I was a student I used to spend every free time here to “study” or hang out with friends and enjoy my coffee. Perfect place for procrastination! Also, it is a popular spot to see the television tower or the water fountain light spectacles in summer.



Have you been to the Han Mi before? Did you like it? Maybe you have other Asian restaurants that you could recommend? If so, please let me know below in the comments!

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  1. Cathy

    The sauce is gochuchang, it’s a little bit like the adobo sauce that chipotle peppers come in.
    From a Korean American who found your blog looking for Balinese language phrases (first visit to Indonesia and everyone seems to list only Bahasa words).

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