Going all Japanese in Berlin

I love Berlin. It is the perfect city for a weekend trip. It’s full of authentic and amazing restaurants, crazy people, cosy bars and interesting museums. Everything that a heart could desire.

Once I spent an entire week in Berlin and the only memories I took away from the trip was which restaurants I had visited and what kind of food I had. When I told my friends about my trip, they thought that all I did on this trip was eating (not entirely wrong maybe). But eating out in Berlin is great, the restaurants are usually very authentic, unlike in Hamburg.

It is so easy to find good Japanese restaurants in Berlin. The tastes are just what they are supposed to be, eaten in a way they would be eaten in Japan. I always enjoy going to a Japanese restaurant in Berlin.

My all-time favorite is the Cocolo Ramenbar in Berlin-Mitte. The traditional ramen, Japanese noodle soup, is extremely good, and the first time I had it, I almost burst into tears because I had missed these flavors so much and you can’t have ramen like this in Hamburg, where I live.

The Ramenbar belongs together with the Kuchi Restaurants right next to the bar and is only open in the evenings. The bar itself is tiny and usually very crowded, you have to be very lucky to get a seat for more than two people without having to wait 30 min. The food is worth the wait though!

They have a backyard which is opened during the summer months, so they have more seats during summer as well. I went there with my boyfriend, my younger brother and another friend during summer once and especially my younger brother, who lives in Berlin, was very impressed by the authentic food there. He visited me in Japan, when I spent a year studying abroad in Tokyo.

During my last visit to Berlin I found out that they have opened another Cocolo restaurant in Kreuzberg, so I went to check that one out. It is a lot bigger and it is also opened during the day, meaning that you can actually have lunch there!! If you’re a ramen-lover just like myself, you need to visit the Cocolo restaurants!


Another great Japanese restaurant is the Izakaya Hashi Japanese Kitchen. This has a wider range of Japanese food and they serve the lunch menus in bento boxes, which is kinda cute in my opinion.

An Izakaya is a place where you meet with friends and eat and drink together (mostly drinking accompanied with eating snacks). I came here for lunch in summer and for dinner in winter and it was great both times! The interior design is pretty cool as well, the service is friendly and the food great.

If you are walking around Berlin-Mitte and are looking for an easy lunch place, this is the place to go! If you are out with a group of people and are looking for a casual dinner, you may want to consider this restaurant.

The reason why I love going to a Japanese place with a group of people is because (unlike the traditional German style) you get to pick a number of small dishes and everyone can share and eat everything, instead of everyone having his/her own meal. It is so much easier to eat this way and much more social I think.


The last place I want to introduce is the Green Tea Café MAMECHA. This is a very special place to me! The interior design reminds me of a traditional tea house in Japan.

Photo 24-06-11 12 16 39

Their specialty is the traditional Japanese tea, matcha, which they use in: coffee specialties (latte macchiato, etc.), ice cream, cake and others. I have found matcha in chocolate numerous times in Japan, although at first I thought it was a weird taste but now I like it a lot.

Photo 24-06-11 12 17 17

I love love love this place. I once spent 3 or more hours sitting here enjoying different kinds of tea and knitting and reading. This is a perfect place for a quiet cup of coffee with a friend.

Also, which probably has impressed me the most, they offer typical Japanese wagashi, a special sweet candy, if you order the traditional matcha tea. Matcha itself is a little bit bitter, so to balance this bitterness, the Japanese sweets are usually very sweet. This setting makes a perfect afternoon tea.

Photo 24-06-11 13 33 00

This reminded me so much of my time at university in Tokyo because I attended two courses of tea ceremony (Sado or Chado) and we always got to eat these sweets with our tea. Ah, good times.

If you’re wondering about the qualities of the pictures that I took from MAMECHA, they were taken on my old iPhone back in 2011. So, not very high quality and since I forgot to take pictures the last time I was there, maybe also a little bit outdated. I will take new pictures the next time and post them here!

Also, I have just found out that they serve lunch in bento boxes as well! Maybe I didn’t see them last time I was there, bugger, now I have to go back soon!

If you have other good restaurants in Berlin that you can recommend, please tell me so in the comments section! I love to go to new places!

Have a great one!

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