A short visit to Gainesville, Texas

After a very long flight and drive from Dallas to Gainesville, we finally arrived at our destination, my bf’s former host family. They own a B&B, which is called Miss Olivia’s in this really cute yellow house. If you ever pass through Gainesville, make sure to visit its historic district for the beautiful Beaux Arts houses, which are kept in exquisite shape.

Also, Donna, the host mother,  owns an antique shop called Amelia’s attic as well as the restaurant Sarah’s on the Square. I absolutely loved the decorations in the restaurant and the food is amazing. I had the winter greens salad the next evening, it was delicious! If you are passing by Gainesville, stop the car and get into Sarah’s on the Square. It is worth it!

We ended the long day with a healthy dinner and a little pinata party in the garden.

High Schools and BBQ’s

After a late breakfast/brunch the next day we drove to Lindsay High School, which my bf attended during his exchange year. It was already pretty hot outside, and spring just arrived. I don’t want to know how hot it’s going to be here in summer!


We also wanted to visit the host family’s grandparents, but they weren’t home, so we decided to visit Donna’s brother Greg on his farm. He was just outside, plowing one of his fields, but came right over and spontaneously decided to have a barbecue with us. So we had some steak, deer tenderloins and also homemade deer sausage. We had so much fun hanging around in the sun and playing with the family dog, Bella.


The best part though was a ride on the little RTV! That was simply hilarious! Greg let us drive the RTV through some fields and then down the road to a small river. I’m such a bad driver, but driving this was so much fun (for me, I think the others were fearing for their lives). Good times!

Easter festivities

The next day was Easter Sunday and the entire family gathered to celebrate it. There were mountains of food and sweets and “Champagne” the entire day. We were stuffed so much, we were absolutely unable to move afterward. I must have gained at least 5 kg just over the three days that we spent at Donna’s. Before the family arrived, though, we got to see Chris’, Donna’s neighbor, house that he and his wife just moved in. It was a lovely Beaux Arts house in white, very stately and beautifully furnished. We also got to meet his dog, Lily, a very excited little fluffy mix.


In the evening we spent some cozy hours just watching TV together and talking and laughing a lot.

We had to leave the next day, but not before visiting the courthouse and Amelia’s attic. We were quite sad to leave, we had such a great time at Donna’s. Hopefully we’ll be back soon!


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