First Impressions of San Francisco

San Francisco! The Golden Gate! We saved the best part for last during our West Coast road trip!

After arriving the day before and getting enough rest and a long breakfast (which was much needed after the strenuous hike in the Yosemite National Park the day before!), we slowly made our way to San Francisco, our last city to visit before returning home.

We booked our accommodation with Airbnb, as I have done many times before. Garland, our host, is an extremely nice and helpful person, always asking if we needed anything. His apartment was amazing, clean and spacious with everything that we could desire. He even made sure that the fridge was stocked with drinks and some food! I have had very good experiences with Airbnb hosts before, but he definitely topped it. The apartment had been refurnished just a couple months before, so everything was brand new. It even had a small safe for valuables.

Since we arrived pretty late in the afternoon, we only made our way to the next Walmart to provide ourselves with enough bacon to last the entire week (it didn’t) and then headed home for a relaxed dinner and evening.

Taking our time around Presidio Hill and the Golden Gate Promenade

We started the day with a huge breakfast that mainly consisted of bacon and then went off to the Presidio Hills to walk towards the Golden Gate.

It’s so nice to be able to start a sunny day with a short hike through a park. I really enjoyed walking around the Presidio Hills, catching a glimpse of the Golden Gate here and there. After a while, we reached the San Francisco National Cemetery and stopped there for a while to enjoy the view over San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate. Afterwards, we made our way to the Golden Gate Promenade for a long walk in the sunshine.



Slowly but surely we were nearing the Golden Gate while taking hundreds of pictures of the promenade, a crane on the Crissy Field, Alcatraz from far away and, of course, the bridge itself. It is so hard to believe that every day on our journey so far we’ve had wonderful weather, San Francisco was no exception.

We decided to take our time to get to the Bridge before walking over it.


Before getting to the bridge, however, we visited the Warming Hut Cafe, a little cafe and souvenir shop next to the bridge. There is also a pier here where a lot of people were already fishing. It’s great for taking pictures, but it was also veeeeeeeeeery windy and cold there, so I went back to the Warming Hut to warm myself up.

Before going back, however, I took this picture with an albatross posing in front of the Golden Gate bridge. Later on Instagram I found another picture almost the same and also with an albatross posing. I wonder if it is the same bird?


Getting to the Golden Gate bridge

Before reaching the Golden Gate bridge, we had to climb some stairs which turned into short trails through a park. The trails themselves lead to the Battery E Trail, from which we had the best view over the bridge.

Walking part of the bridge is fun and exciting, simply because it is a worldwide known structure. But further down the road it gets really loud. It’s a highway bridge after all! (Actually I didn’t know that before.)



After walking on the bridge for a while, I got really annoyed because walking next to a highway is extremely loud and not pleasant at all. And the wind is always pretty strong on a bridge like this. So we turned around and went back to the little park right before the bridge. I had to hold my hands over my ears to calm down because they were still ringing.

The views were of course worth the trouble but next time I walk over this bridge, I’m going to take some earplugs with me.


Dinner time!

After we had rested for a while to relax our ears we walked the entire Golden Gate Promenade and San Francisco Bay Trail back and further to the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. From there we were planning to catch a bus in the direction of Union Street. We had picked a burger restaurant (Roam Artisan Burgers) for dinner which had pretty good reviews on foursquare.

And we were not disappointed! It was really yummy and I especially liked the fried sweet potatoes (tried to do it at home, not as yummy).


Have you been to San Francisco before? Any plans to go there? What did you like the most in San Francisco or what would you love to see or do here? Let me know in the comments!

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