Hamburg Special Places: Dionysos

To celebrate my friend’s new employment and also as a farewell dinner, since he would have to leave Hamburg for his new job, we went out for a nice dinner at the restaurant Dionysos. I admit that I have not heard of this place before, but it had quite high ratings on foursquare and some of my friends have always wanted to go there but lacked the occasion or excuse to go.

The restaurant is very sophisticated, the lights are dimmed and the waiters lively and friendly. I don’t go to Greek restaurants usually, but this place somehow did not fit into my image of Greek restaurants. In my head they are usually hugely crowded, loud and noisy, the food middle-class to really yummy, the portions though always too big and way too much meat (and I am a meat-lover!). A dish shouldn’t be just meat and potatoes and tzatziki, that’s boring.

So I was a little bit surprised to enter this fancy restaurant. Once we were seated, the waiter immediately rushed over to present us the menu and tell us about the daily special as well (which was quite a lot, I have always wondered how they can remember so many dishes at once…).

We decided on some of the mezedes (Greek appetizers), squid, potatoes, lamb skewers and some others. They were placed on these beautiful plates, very simple but also very appealing. I loved the simple arrangement. The food itself was amazing, the seasoning just a tiny bit spicy so you could feel your tongue tingling (my friend is Korean and being half Indonesian myself, we can take a lot of heat). We had some of the delicious desserts as well, YUM!

It seems that this restaurant is hugely popular in the area as well, there were quite a lot of people there (some bigger groups as well, maybe an office dinner or something like that), and the noise level rose quite a bit. At least they didn’t turn up the music as well, otherwise we would not have been able to talk and hear the other at all. But it is a very comfortable place, very relaxed atmosphere, excellent for a first date I think, although maybe a bit pricy.

All in all, I can absolutely recommend this restaurant if you have a special occasion (anniversary, first date, or whatever) or just want to have a nice dinner with your special someone. You should reserve a table though.

Have you been to the Dionysos restaurant before?


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