Hamburg Special Places: Din Hao

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Ok, guys, this is a true hidden gem in Hamburg, my absolute all-time favorite restaurant. It is a little Chinese restaurant close to the main station in Hamburg, hidden away just behind the popular shopping streets. It looks so shabby and cheap when you enter the restaurant, but believe me, the food is simply great! They even have a fake tree in the middle of the room!


I have been visiting this restaurant with my family for more than 10 years. My mom is half Chinese and even while she grew up in Indonesia, she got to eat all the Chinese dishes that my grandma would make for the family. The first time she had lunch at the Din Hao, she was so surprised because it tasted so much like the Chinese food she always had in Indonesia.

I can’t tell if it is original Chinese food or not, not having been to mainland China yet. I just really really love their food. The noodles! The duck! The red pork! And my favorite: the chili sauce! I am serious here, I can’t eat anything here without this sauce and I regularly walk out with a stomach ache due to too much chili. But it is just so tasty…


The prices are very good, quite cheap and the dishes are quite big. But you have to get lucky with the waitress, though. They have two waitresses, a taller one, she’s the one you want to be on duty when you come here. She’s quick and always friendly. The other one, the short one, not so much.

My favorite dish here is A 7 from the menu, it is fried noodles with beef. I love this dish, it is my comfort food. Whenever I am down or stressed or just generally in a bad mood, my boyfriend always suggests meeting here after work for dinner. And my mood always lightens up afterwards, when I am rolling down on my stuffed belly to the subway and home.


This place is also very popular in the Asian communities as well as the African communities in Hamburg. Avoid coming here on a Saturday for lunch, it is incredibly crowded and you will have to stand in line for a table. In summer I would recommend getting some takeouts and take it with you down to the HafenCity, just a 10 min walk. Sit down at one of the piers there, enjoy the sun and the good food!

Other recommendations here? Try the duck (without bones), the broth it comes with is amazing. Or the wantan soup. Or the red pork belly. Yum.

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