Hamburg Special Places: Brooklyn Burger Bar

If you are looking for a great burger place in Hamburg, the Brooklyn Burger Bar should definitely be on your list! It is one of the most popular in Hamburg and offers a range of cocktails and long drinks as well. Some people only come for the drinks, I’ve been told.

I’ve been dying to go and try their burgers and have been pestering my boyfriend about this. And then he just went with his friends! I was very miffed about this and decided to go with one of my girl friends for lunch. Great idea! Because the lunch menu is actually cheaper than in the evening!


The burgers were really great, the patties still pink inside, the buns crunchy and delicious. I was very happy with my choice, the Brooklyn Classic. Although the portions for lunch seems smaller than in the evening (as I was told at that time), it is still a lot to eat for lunch. Probably not such a good idea, if you have to go back to the office and then sit in front of a computer for the rest of the day. Still … yummy.


The Brooklyn Classic

You have to order your sides separately to the burger, so I ordered some sweet potato fries (yum!). Also, I just have to mention this, I really really liked the buns here! They are toasted and just really really delicious. In most burger places I don’t like the buns, they are usually neglected in the burger business! Can someone tell me why? I think they are an important part of the burger!

Another round!

Well anyways, I went to the Brooklyn Burger Bar again, this time with the BF, just to take pictures, of course! The things you do for your blog…

I had the Backyard BBQ burger and the BF had the Pulled Pork burger, it was very hard to decide which one was better. I loved the Backyard BBQ burger with its crisp bacon (BACON!) and Gruyère cheese hmmm… but the Pulled Pork was SO tender and delicious as well! Aaaah, hard to decide! From my experience during lunch time I opted for just the burger this time, no sides. And yeah, the burgers are bigger in the evening! Good for me I didn’t order sides! (Although I would have fought to eat everything despite not being able to breath anymore.)


But I have to say, the way they served the burgers this time… Just the burger on a metal tray with a baking sheet? Not very appealing in my opinion. Maybe it’s because they are trying to imitate a NYC style, do they serve burgers like this in NYC? I think a bit more attention to details and arrangement wouldn’t hurt. Take an example from Dish in Prague! You don’t have to be unloving in detail just to be hip!

Ordering a burger without the sides is quite enough for a small person like me, but even my boyfriend wasn’t able to eat anymore after his. So keep that in mind when ordering here.

Do you have any tips for burger places in Hamburg? Let me know below in the comments!

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