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To celebrate my 31st birthday my boyfriend took me out to the Apples Restaurant, which is located in the Park Hyatt Hotel in the middle of the city of Hamburg. It is quite a beautiful building, old and classic. The hotel itself looks a little bit old fashioned and, of course, very pricey.

Once you enter the restaurant, there is a bar on the left, which displays an amazing array of wine bottles in a glass wall. It looks pretty cool and since I have been here before (with my colleagues from work), I also know that the cocktails are pretty good as well! We didn’t feel like having cocktails though, so we skipped the bar.


We had ordered another Schlemmer-Sommer menu, so once we were seated, the only thing we needed to decide about was the wine. I went with a nice Pinot Grigio, because I do not fancy red wine as much in summer, even if I am about to eat red meat.

As starters we had some homemade bread with butter and fig balsamico, which was very tasty. When the first two courses arrived, I admit that I was a little bit disappointed, because they were arranged on plates that were way too big, which always makes the portion appear tiny. This always gives me an unsatisfied feeling, although I think that in the end, the portions were very well balanced. But in that moment, when the first two courses arrived, I was not too impressed by the looks. It was very tasty though! Especially the scampi dish!

The main dish however, really topped the entire menu! The meat was amazingly tender and soft, the patty was still rose in the middle, just the way I love it, but the vegetables were the most impressing part of this dish. It consisted of celery and mushrooms (Kräuersaitlingen!), it was cooked very shortly, maybe just glazed, and therefore still crunchy and very, very good. It made such an impact on my boyfriend, that he decided to recreate this at home.


The dessert itself was nice as well, we had another fruit sorbet and something called Florentiner (which I always thought was a cookie!), a lemony soft sponge that balanced out the very sweet sorbet and sauce very nicely.


The service overall was very attentive, as can be expected of such a high-class place. The restaurant itself was, just as the rest of the hotel, a little bit old fashioned. But they have an open kitchen, which I like, because you get to see how the prepare the last finishing steps on the dishes that are going to be served. Also, they have metal counters, separating the open kitchen from the eating area. These counters have glass on one side, so they display cakes and desserts on the right counter and big pieces of meat on the left (I think some of it was dry age meat as well).

IMG_1518.JPG   IMG_2064

I can’t say anything about the usual prices here, since the only times I was here was either paid by our company or the Schlemmer-Sommer menu paid by my boyfriend (as an additional birthday present). I think it is quite pricey here, because the quality is very high, and they focus on using local products, which is actually always a good sign.

This place is perfect for having a dinner date, where you have to dress up (I love dressing up for dinner dates!) and feel fancy. Have you been here before or planning to go? I would love to hear about it!


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